Thursday, March 20, 2014

Punishment ? Reminder ?

1) MAS flight MH370 was disappeared almost 2 weeks .

Too many speculation . Crashed . Hijacked . Hidden by the unseen world .

Foreign media started talk bad about our country, our Malaysian attitude . The witchdoctor .

Although, still several countries volunteer to help finding this missing plane. They provide the air force, navy, military etc to support this mission.

God bless all of you .

Whatever happen we as Malaysian and all over the world still #prayformh370 until it's been found .

2) ASOT / FMFA 2014

6 died by overdose (drugs) and suffocation problem .

Too many mofo judges out there who's playing God to says the things that seems right to 'emselves without considering victim family's feeling .

Like they never commit sin , the innocent ever . Foreal ?

Just one thing, good people will never saying bad thing about other people . Bare that in mind fake preachers !

Take this incident as a lesson to us who still goin' thru this tough life .

Al- fatihah to 4 muslim teenager who died in this event . Amin .

3) Haze

Too bad . It hit the unhealthy note on IPU system .

Until the government have to make 'Cloud seeding method' .

Just pray for the better . Amin .

Let's we as human being, 'muhasabah' ourselves back .
Until we get the answer of what all happen .

God give us some test to make us remember where we come from and to remind us not to forget Him . Never .

As we hear this quote everyday 'Everything happen for a reason' .

Hope everything will turn out just fine . Amin .

P/s: this is reminder for myself . Foremost .