Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I'm maybe crazy but not crazy enough to do most crazy things in the world .

I'm maybe strong but not strong enough to face my worst weakness .

I'm maybe had a frigging brokenhearted time because of losing boyfriend but not as worse as brokenhearted people who losing their family.

I'm maybe poor but not as poor as people who begging for a piece of bread and live on the street .

I'm maybe bad but I'm not bad enough to stole others happiness .

I'm maybe had a knowledge but not smart enough to use it for solving certain problem .

I'm maybe had a lot of friend but I'm not good enough to pleasing them all the time .

I'm maybe not a daughter to be proud of but I'm always trying harder not to troubling my family .

I'm maybe naive but not naive enough to let people make fun of me .

I'm maybe useless but not useless enough to be jobless .

I'm maybe heartless but not heartless enough to see people that I love, hurt so bad .

I'm maybe stupid but I'm not stupid enough to still get involved in this fucking misery business .

Dark side is in everybody whether it visible or invisible .

Different people make different life .