Monday, July 9, 2012

Life ain't about happiness only

Do you ever met a person who never get enough with everything ? Do you ever be friend with a person who want more and more and more ? Or do you the person that I'm just talking about ? Yeah me too . Always feeling so bad , insecure , never get enough with everything , never done anything good , give up so quick , no confident , bad decision maker , over socialize , and everything bad . HaHaHa . What else I can say ? negative thinking running 24/7 in my head . Do you realize that? Always . 

But,I've my own method to overcome all this bullshit? By thinking "life is ain't about happiness only" We are all the troublemaker . Everyday we will create a trouble even only just for the fucking smallest things . And its still called trouble. My life are always bullshit . Bullshit here, bullshit there, bullshit everywhere . But that bullshit makes me grow strong day by day . You don't have any option in this life except being strong . You will automatically find your guts when you realize there's no one will be with you till the end of time . By the time goes by, we will learn new things after new things . But the worst part is the 'bullshit' will never stop haunting you . Its just come and go . That's what the lesson for . To survive . 

 Be original . Be kind . Never forget our originality . Humble . Play hard . Party hard . Aikkk ? Trololol Signing off here . Genait super sapiens . *poof* *disappeared*